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Timiza 400 WP

  • Technical Name Mancozeb 200 g/kg + Carbendazim 200 g/kg
  • Crops Roses, Tomato, Potato, Onion, Cabbage, French Beans, Watermelon, Mango, Orange & Rice.

·         Mode of Action

It is a mixture of Mancozeb and Carbendazim. Mixture partner Mancozeb remains on the plant surface and acts by contact action (Preventive). It is fungitoxic when exposed to air, converted in to an isothiocyanate, which inactivates the sulphahydral groups of enzymes in fungi, thus, cause disturbance in fungal enzyme functioning. Other partner Carbendazim, which is having systemic activity (absorbed through roots and green tissues), acts as protective and curative. Acts by inhibiting the development of fungal germ tube, formation of appressoria and growth of mycelia.

·         Special Features

  • Broad spectrum, contact and systemic mixture fungicide, with preventive and curative action.
  • Effective against many disease complexes on large number of crops, as seed treatment, nursery / soil drenching, fruit/ rhizome/ tuber dip and foliar sprays.
  • Provides Manganese and Zinc nutrition to crops, there by keeps plant greener and healthy.
  • Stimulates plant growth, vigor, enhance flowering and ultimately increase yield. In fruit crop better results obtained if sprayed at bud emergence stage.
  • Multisite activity prevents in developing resistance.
  • Very less waiting period, may be used up to day of harvest environmentally safe-degrades rapidly in soil & also safe for beneficial insects.

·         Application

Timiza to be used as preventive spray for better results. It is advisable to follow local agricultural universities recommendations.

·         Dosage

2 kg/Ha or 40 g/20 litres of water

·         Available Packs

250 g, 500 g, 1 kg and 5 kg

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